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Vetted IT Support
Guardian Managed Services


Realize a better approach to managed IT services using patent-pending process.

Orbit Cloud Computing


Move to the cloud for more agile business with proven expertise and global security.

Phoenix Online Backup


Keep business running during challenging times with online backup and disaster recovery.

Overwatch Cybersecurity


Prevent ransomware, data breach, and reputation damage with cybersecurity risk specialists.

Looking For New IT Support?

By the time your firm has at least 25 staff or $5M in revenue, your biggest challenge is competent IT support. Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, accountant, banker, or engineer, being accused of wilfull neglect can ruin your reputation and destroy your career. That constant nagging fear in the back of your mind is knowing that you're at high risk for business loss and likely being swindled by so-called "experts" with high-priced "solutions".

That's why in 1989 I created the Delta Method for streamlining technology to reduce complexity and avoid risk - with no one compensated on billable hours or commission on products. Because it's impossible to do everything in technology, we're specialists in Microsoft cybersecurity and cloud computing. If you do nothing else, learn the critical importance of only using vetted IT support below.

- Kevin Fream, CEO

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