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Exam Cyber Security

Exam® cyber security provides third-party technology review for oversight and regulation compliance.


Understand Risk

Learn the Top 10 Security Risks for your organization.

Cyber Security Threats

Protect Data

Prevent unauthorized wireless access to coputer systems and information.

Wireless Security

Improve Productivity

Limit employee distractions and prevent malicious activity or inadvertent data leakage.

Web Filtering | Email Filtering

  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Degreed & Certified
  • FBI Background Check
  • Regulation Compliance

Exam Features

Exam® provides specific information about your technology environment to reduce risk and improve operations. Features include:

  • Security: Analysis of the top 10 technology categories that affect business.
  • Transparency: Knowledge transfer of key areas and tools and techniques.
  • Independent Validation: Optional Compilation Letter for your customers.
  • Commitment: Add managed services and online backup for on-going support
  • Annual Review: Keep operational status current to improve business and retain customers.
  • Competency: Degreed professionals with MCITP certification and FBI background check.
  • Terms: Matrixforce reserves the right to update this offering at any time without notice.

Customer Challenges

  1. Regular technology review for regulation compliance.
  2. Key customer requirement for third-party review and report of technology operations.
  3. Unbiased advice independent of financial audit or technology manufacturer motivations.
  4. Assistance to eliminate recurring operational problems or downtime.
  5. Identification of skills gaps with knowledge transfer.