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Guardian Managed Services

Vetted Managed IT Services for financial and professional service firms in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Managed Services Paradigm

According to market research from the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 89% of managed services firms are primarily hardware and software resellers that are incentivized to upsell products and bill more hourly services - especially when you have IT problems.

Proven Performance

Escape the aggravation of your current IT support and discover a better approach.

Understanding Managed Services

Competitive Advantage

Streamline your technology to reduce complexity and avoid risk.

Comprehensive Service Provider Advisory

Peace of Mind

#1 International Best-selling Managed IT services book to control your destiny.

Revealing Secrets to Streamlining Technology

Protect Your Customers

Are you frustrated with your current IT support or worried that your business is not their priority? Then it's time you make a change before your livelihood and reputation are ruined.

Watch Matrixforce CEO, Kevin Fream, present his message about the Delta Method at Harvard. As part of a national media tour, he has also briefed business leaders from around the world about the necessity of vetted IT support at Nasdaq, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft.

Today, Matrixforce protects over 6 billion in assets for financial and professional service organizations. Download the following guide to understand how to identify reputable IT support and avoid deceptive sales pitches.

Definitive Trusted Advisor Guide

  • U.S. based
  • Developed 1996
  • Patented Methodology
  • Microsoft Gold Competency
  • Regulation Compliant

Guardian Advantages

Pledged Commitment

Guaranteed System Assurance

No obligation probationary period with fixed-cost Service Level Agreement (SLA) including guaranteed support and response. Real-time alerting and monitoring with weekly "eyes-on" review and monthly updates.

Certified Experts

Specialized IT Support

Annually audited Microsoft Gold Cloud competency along with cybersecurity training, risk assessment, and regulation compliance specifically for financial and professional service firms.

Mutual Goals

Transparent Customer Relationship

Self-service on-demand access to client folders, monitoring reports, and backup provides insight into operations. Expert cyber and business tips in monthly Streamline newsletter and weekly Pulse articles devoid of paid advertising.

Virtual CIO

Patented IT Consulting

Proven repeatable client success in over 4,200 projects using the Delta Method. Business justification using patent-pending IT consulting like technology forecasting, system planning, and CIO Review without motive of product sales or billable hours.

Guardian Pricing

Use the managed services pricing model to understand your return on investment leveraging vetted managed IT services versus legacy IT support.

Managed Services Facts

While managed service providers vary greatly, the following facts about managed IT services are indisputable:

  • Value Proposition: Streamline your technology to reduce complexity and avoid risk simply means less for you to buy with a lowered attack plane. Focus on your business while we handle the technology is a platitude that has no business value.
  • Vetted IT Support: Reputable managed service providers are thoroughly investigated to ensure suitability and trustworthiness by industry and government authorities. Inc 5000, CRN 250, Better Business Bureau, and D&B are all paid advertising that are intended to make you assume a provider is competent.
  • Niche Focus: Our focus on mid-sized financial and professional service organizations allows us to understand their specific requirements and continuously strive for the best experience in delivering technology services. It is impossible for a managed services firm to provide "comprehensive support" for every size of customer, any type of technology, and all industries.
  • Highest Competency: Since 2003, we have been a Microsoft Gold Partner in various annually audited competencies with the highest requirements for training, certification, and implementation. Microsoft Silver Partners display the logo for the appearance of credibility but have little or no business or competency requirements and are high risk vendors with limited proven capabilities.
  • Validated Process: The Delta Method is patent-pending and has been used in over 4,200 successful client projects since developed in 1989. Established managed service providers can demonstrate their process instead of trying to deceive you with easily faked customer testimonials.
  • Privacy Protection: Before any services are performed, a Reciprocal Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed to protect information about your business. Unfortunately, the Free Network Assessment scheme of unscrupulous managed service providers often fools business owners into providing full access to their information with no assurance of confidentiality.

Guardian Quiz

If you answer YES to 5 or more of the following questions, then we're likely a good fit for your needs and you should Book an Appointment:

  1. Does your business have at least 25 staff or $5M in revenue and are you worried that your current IT support is not adequately helping or protecting your firm?
  2. Is your industry financial like banking / insurance or professional service like healthcare / law / accounting / engineering and do you need guaranteed response and support?
  3. Do you want fixed predicable costs for a defined set of IT services and are disillusioned by paying by the hour with endless problems and no results?
  4. Are you concerned about the incompetence of your current support and do you need to protect the privacy of your customers or comply with regulations?
  5. Do you struggle with technology or want to improve your operations, but your current IT support are generalists and not specialists?
  6. Are you convinced that your current managed services provider is only focused on reselling products and you need a justified technology strategy?
  7. Do you need regular business and technology insight and training for your staff, but your current service provider just e-mails generic magazine reprints?
  8. Are you a fast-growing firm contending with IT support that you have outgrown and need proven patented implementation and disaster recovery?
  9. Have you recently experienced costly downtime due to IT provider neglect or ransomware without adequate explanation or prevention recommendations?
  10. Are your customers asking for proof of your cybersecurity risk assessment and policies or are you concerned that your IT support is unprepared and unvetted?

Cloud Computing

Consistent and reliable hybrid cloud support with the highest security and training.


Online Backup

Escape the risk of protecting data with online backup and disaster recovery.



Implement annual third-party risk exam for competitive advantage and compliance.