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Managed Service Provider

Specialized expertise and established processes.

Matrixforce is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that provides delivery and management of information technology services and products. Our value proposition is specialized expertise with proven processes and systems for significantly less than alternatives.

Managed Service Providers have the following characteristics:

  1. Established: C Corporation with a minimum of 20 years in business.
  2. Veteran leadership: Education and national experience, including board members from other major organizations.
  3. Full IT management: Technology and business improvement, as well as implementation and support.
  4. Proprietary methodology: Well defined and proven procedures for service and delivery, along with on-going certification for support staff.
  5. Published knowledge base: Regularly updated with availability to clients, so that skill and understanding is not lost with changes in staff.
  6. Remote monitoring: Proactive insight and remediation, with integration and productivity tools.
  7. Professional Service Automation: Tools that provides case feedback for client management.
  8. Flat fee: Rather than hourly charges or averages of spending for IT support and projects.
  9. Guaranteed Response: Service level based upon criticalities.
  10. Vendor Management: Products and services, including use of the same for managed service operations.

It is critical that the above characteristics are available in-house for a Managed Service Provider to meet the diverse needs of clients. Flat fee and monitoring alone do not make a Managed Service Provider. Managed Services are only cost-effective and efficient with a methodology, knowledge base, system integration, and available staff to respond to clients and monitoring alerts. Without all of these components, service providers cannot deliver the obligations promised for managed services.