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Managed Services Benefits

Yield managed services benefits that streamline technology and improve business operations.

At A Glance

Benefit Reason
Lower costs Gain access to innovative technologies and professional expertise for nominal investment that confers competitive advantage and reduces operational costs.
Lower risk Eliminate the risk of large capital expenditure to accommodate unplanned business changes, such as outages, inexperience, or unknown requirements.
Higher levels of support Professional support and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for availability as well as performance.
Predictable costs Costs always remain at the level specified in the contract, so that the IT budget becomes stable and predictable.
Access to latest technology Subscribing to managed services provides the latest security, up-to-date services, and newest standards.
Access to enhanced skills base Managed service providers maintain a staff of specialists. Technical solutions are implemented quickly and at reasonable cost, without having to continually expand internal staff.
Adaptability Quickly react to changing business conditions and avoid high capital and operating expenses by having the managed service provider expand or reduce services.
Focus on core business Managed service providers are devoted entirely to customer and system requirements, so IT staff can concentrate on core business.
Capital expenditure reduction Managed service providers reduce technology infrastructure through virtualization and cloud computing, as well as offering forecast for equipment refresh and software licensing.

Customer Challenges

  1. Escaping the high cost and reactive response of hourly support
  2. Receiving focused customer service and a staff of experienced professionals
  3. Gaining expert business support and project implementation at less cost than hiring staff
  4. Leveraging help desk and 7x24 system monitoring with no cost or learning curve
  5. Supplementing existing staff for knowledge exchange and routine management