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Managed Services FAQ

The following list provides answers for the most frequently asked questions about Guardian®.

What does Matrixforce provide for Guardian® Managed Services?

Matrixforce provides a complete suite of IT solutions to align with your business needs. Guardian® Managed Services include but are not limited to business analysis, server and PC maintenance, patch and malware management, proactive network monitoring and security, end user support, online backup, virtualization, cloud computing, and unified messaging including mobility and smart phones. Application development is not included.

How would my business benefit from Guardian® Managed Services?

Some of the proven benefits associated with Guardian® Managed Services include:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Fewer operational headaches
  • Improved network performance and access
  • Increased employee satisfaction with IT support
  • Better continuity in IT support personnel and structure
  • Peace of mind knowing that experts are managing your IT environment

What organizations should utilize Guardian® Managed Services?

Guardian® Managed Services are ideally suited to organizations with 25 to 250 employees. It efficiently serves the needs of businesses in a vast range of industries. Particularly those that are interested in saving money, improving the quality of IT support, and reducing operational headaches that slow productivity and take management and staff away from their core competencies.

What is the standard pricing for Guardian® Managed Services?

Matrixforce does not use a one-size-fits-all pricing model. Rather, we customize our offerings and develop a service model that best matches the unique operating environment of each client. Following a review of business needs, Matrixforce provides flat cost pricing that helps you realize a significant savings in monthly operating costs.

How does Matrixforce support clients remotely?

Matrixforce currently serves the IT needs of clients nation-wide. Using proprietary remote management tools and a fully staffed service desk from headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Matrixforce can manage IT environments anywhere in the country. When “on-site” support is needed, Matrixforce provides local engineering resources through established partnerships to meet the agreed upon service levels.

What are the client responsibilities?

Clients are responsible for maintaining support agreements for line of business applications, submitting case requests, acting upon recommendations, and regular executive review of IT operations.

Does Matrixforce offer Hosting or Cloud Computing?

The Matrixforce team can manage day-to-day operations, as well as business continuity of any infrastructure on-premise or hosted. Matrixforce is a national Cloud Champion direct with most major manufacturers for virtual servers and cloud Computing applications such as e-mail, office automation, portals, presence, and mobility.

How does Matrixforce ensure the network is properly updated and configured?

Matrixforce documents the system upfront and throughout coverage in conjunction with proactive monitoring. Matrixforce meets regularly with client management to review IT operations, required upgrades, and implementation of emerging technology that benefit the organization.