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Technology changes faster than any other industry. If a technology service provider can't regularly update a website or social media, then how can they effectively help your business or provide competent advice?

Demonstrated Results

Kevin Fream AuthorBefore Matrixforce could help financial and professional service customers reduce complexity and avoid risk, we first had to figure out how to show a better approach to IT support.

Everything is fair in war and business. Regardless, the ugly reality is that the best products or services in the market often fail, usually because of hapless marketing and strategy.

Back in 1996, Matrixforce published its first website. At that time, just listing a website in the Yellow Pages and on sales literature was a huge differentiator. The site was basically a brochure published in the now long defunct Microsoft FrontPage. However, even though we’re not a web development company, it showed foresight and technical ability.

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.
- Albert Einstien

Industry Disruption - A few years later Google emerged to make the web more useful and the Internet world began to change dramatically in 2000. At the same time, IT support for business switched from hourly break-fix to flat-cost managed services. Despite the new world of search, customers had a difficult time comparing IT support.

If you’ve read the Revealing IT Service Provider Advisory, then you already know the dirty secret of the technology industry. Until recently, there were almost no barriers to entry in starting an IT support firm. Anyone could herald themselves as a technology expert and prey on unsuspecting customers.

By 2009, the situation was out of control. Startups could launch a web site with a few press releases and outrank reputable providers. Even worse, search results were riddled with erroneous how-to technical articles or meaningless product advertisements.

These upstart web sites were invariably some three letter company in a trusted shade of blue that promised to handle all of your technology needs from home users to big business with the disingenuous tagline of “We’ll take care of your technology, so you can focus on business”. Add bold statements about being lightning fast, copy credentials from the web, create some fake testimonials, and who would know the difference?

Cloud Computing Breakout

Customer Commitment - That’s when we decided to launch Matrixforce Pulse to proactively answer customer questions and provide expert business and technology information not readily found on the web. In parallel, we continued to upgrade and expand our website using Microsoft Expression and then Visual Studio. In 2014, Matrixforce published the first managed services bootstrap website with over 300 pages of fast, secure, and mobile-enabled content.

Our strategy is simple: offer government vetted IT services that provide demonstrated and justified examples of value for niche customers to make a risk free commitment. It’s impossible to know and support everyone and everything in the technology sector. That’s why we specialize and provide citations and attribution to authority sources for the ideas and information we publicize. Anonymous and baseless opinion are useless in making business decisions.

Business Agility - Everyone talks a good game about being expert and proactive, but we feel the only way to show we’re different is to prove it regularly. and Streamline are updated weekly to help customers ride the massive wave of technology change. Daily we post business and technology updates to LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube. We maintain accounts on other consumer-oriented platforms like Facebook to protect our brand, but niche mid-sized business organizations are our customer focus.

In stark contrast, the competition rarely updates their websites. Two years ago, Google announced mobile-responsive and HTTPS as preferred ranking signals with better customer experience. However, the vast majority of service provider websites are neither secure nor mobile-responsive. Do you really want to gamble on IT support that is not embracing security or operating current technology?

Similarly, most service provider blogs have no identifiable author and publish fake purchased content that usually is not relevant to customers or the provider. Just Google the blog titles and gaze in amazement at the dozens or hundreds of similar results. When a competitor puts their name as the author on duplicate content, it’s untrustworthy and fraudulent.

It may sound silly to tout that we can update a website or blog frequently, but it’s just another example of principled approach turned into commitment. You’re invited to follow the latest posts on Matrixforce Pulse as a simple way to judge if we’re right for your business.

- Kevin Fream, CEO

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