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Cloud Computing Benefits

Obtain significant cloud computing benefits by escaping obsolescence and productivity loss.

At A Glance

Cloud computing has vast benefits for organizations of all sizes: lower cost, better reliability and security, and more time to focus on strategic business - all without the pain of upgrading to the latest applications or worry of growing storage and backup concerns.

Benefit Reason
Reduced costs Cloud computing allows an organization to escape maintenance and upgrades of key infrastructure hardware and software for less on-going cost to support.
Quality of Service Major manufacturers offer 99.9% uptime service level agreements with billions of dollars of resources serving millions of subscribers.
Greater security Cloud computing provides much more storage capacity for a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions.
Increased storage Costs always remain at the level specified in the contract, so that the IT budget becomes stable and predictable.
Flexibility Access anywhere there is Internet availability, nominal and predictable cost for growth, and subscribers always have access to the latest technology.
Better Business Continuity Organizations no longer need a secondary site for failover with the dual maintenance, cost, and risk. Backup and replication for key infrastructure is provided by the manufacturer.
Strategic focus Quickly react to changing business conditions and avoid high capital and operating expenses by having the managed service provider expand or reduce services.
Focus on core business Without the burden of errors, updates, and backup of key infrastructure, IT staff can concentrate on customer service and strategic core business.
Capital expenditure reduction MCloud computing reduces servers, storage, and related software licensing, like backup and anti-virus for key infrastructure such as e-mail and document storage.