Managed IT Services Versus Flawed Break/Fix Pay-By-The-Hour IT Support

Managed Services Paradigm

Do you still use an IT service provider who bills you by the hour for the work they perform? If so, how can you have confidence in the condition of your company’s computer network knowing your biggest IT disasters are their most profitable jobs?

The break-fix model is fundamentally flawed because the customer relies on a service provider who has no incentive to achieve the same results as the client desires.

SPECIAL OFFER for midsized businesses with 25 or more employees or greater than $5M in revenues

Read this guide and you’ll discover:

  • Why a break/fix provider may be in no rush to fix your critical network problem.
  • How you could pay up to double the cost for firewall installation, antivirus, and patch management using a break/fix provider.
  • Dishonest myths break/fix providers use to confuse potential managed services customers.
  • The specific criteria you should demand when choosing a managed services provider.
  • The incredible business benefits of flat-rate, unlimited support with guaranteed response times.
  • A cost calculator that proves how you can save 40% using managed services versus paying for an in-house IT person.
  • A quick quiz to help you determine if your company is a good fit for managed services.

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