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VPN Password Cache Reset

How to reset a VPN cached password after a domain password change or network update.


Last Review: June 28, 2019

Product(s): Windows 10

Author(s): Cameron Smith


A cyberist created this article using the patented Delta Method by modernizing a typical approach.


When using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection, you receive an "Invalid password" or "No domain is available" or "Error 734: The PPP Link Control Protocol Was terminated" error after a recent password change or network change. After printing and backup, VPN connections are the most fallible technology and complexity frustration for users.


All requirements should be verified before proceeding to implementation steps:

  • Make sure you have Internet access by opening a browser performing a test Google search.
  • If you've tried to logon three times or more unsuccessfully, your account is likely locked and you must contact your administrator to unlock your account.
  • Verified and tested correct password is required for the "remember my credentials" VPN check box to work properly.
  • Following a password change, the user should follow the steps below to uncheck the “remember my credentials" box and login.
  • Connecting to the VPN is not possible if there is already a VPN connection established on your computer.
  • For convenience, a user may follow the steps below and check "remember my credentials" box.
  • To prevent the error in the future and as a security precaution, it is recommended that you do not save your VPN password.


  1. Right click on the network icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Click Open Network & Internet Settings.
  3. Click Change Adapter Settings.
  4. Find the VPN Network and right click on it.
  5. Click Options tab at the top of the dialog window.
  6. Check/Uncheck the Remember My Credentials box, depending on which action you wish to occur.
  7. Click OK for the setting to be saved.


Test connecting to the VPN after the above steps have been completed. Upon checking the box to “remember my credentials”, the user should not be prompted to enter login credentials. However, if the “remember my credentials box is unchecked, the user should be prompted to enter login credentials. If you're still unable to connect there is likely a networking problem on the VPN server.