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Matrixforce is a vetted IT support provider that uses the patented Delta Method of streamlining technology for financial and professional service firms to reduce complexity and avoid risk. Get proven results for your business and select IT support not motivated by products sales or billable hours.

We are internationally published and annually audited experts in cybersecurity and managed IT services, leveraging Microsoft Gold Cloud Computing specialization in Office 365, Enterprise Mobility, and Azure. Since 1978, independent business analysts have highlighted our client success stories of competitive advantage.

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Fast Facts

  • Business Type: C Corporation
  • Mission: Streamlining Technology
  • Tagline: Streamline Your Technology
  • Leadership: Kevin Fream, CEO
  • Financial: Privately Held
  • Niche: Professional Service and Financial
  • Geography: Oklahoma and National
  • Segments:
    • Managed Services
    • Cloud Computing
    • Online Backup
    • Cybersecurity

Corporate Address

Matrixforce Corporation
9810 East 42nd Street
Suite 209
Tulsa, OK 74146
Billing Address
P.O. Box 55564
Tulsa, OK 74155-0564
P: 918.622.1167
F: 918.728.3306

Important Dates

Year Event
1978 Established
1984 Data Collection Solutions
1989 Delta Methodology developed
1991 World's largest wireless project
1994 Joined Microsoft Solution Provider Program
1996 Infrastructure and Oklahoma focus
1998 Leading platform provider in Tulsa
2003 Microsoft Gold Security Provider
2006 National technology presenter
2008 Microsoft Gold Cloud Champion
2011 Top 30 in the world for cloud computing
2013 Matrixforce and Streamlining Technology trademarks
2014 Exclusive Vetted IT Support in Oklahoma
2016 Amazon #1 Best-Seller Easy Prey
2017 Amazon #1 Best-Seller Streamlining Technology

Our Clients

  • Struggle with technology or desperately want to move to the next level
  • Have at least 25 staff or $5M in revenue in financial or professional services
  • Want help streamlining technology to reduce complexity and avoid risk
  • Know they must escape resllers and hourly consultants
  • Desire a patented winning business strategy
  • Ignore the apathy and ordinary thinking of their industry
  • Recognize the essential need for an agreement and 3 - 5 year plan
  • Appreciate having a squad of cyberists for support rather than limited to a single individual.
  • Understand cybersecurity protects you from willful neglect
  • Require staff to continually learn and practice the highest professionalism
  • Are serious about protecting the privacy their customers
  • Need vetted IT support for competitive advantage


Kevin Fream is Chief Executive Officer of Matrixforce Corporation and creator of the Delta Method for Streamlining Technology to reduce complexity and avoid risk. Since 1978, thousands of clients have saved billions of dollars on IT support.

As a cybersecurity and managed IT services expert, Kevin Fream is a #1 Best-Selling Author for Easy Prey and Streamlining Technology.

Fream has presented his innovative approach to saving clients millions at Harvard and appears on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox News to inform the public about the perils of ransomware.

Board of Directors

The Matrixforce Board of Directors is responsible for governing and establishing broad policies and objectives, ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources, and approving annual budgets. Our directors bring vision and business oversight across various industry segments.

Guidepoint Logo

Tom Gafford

Tom Gafford is Chief Technology Officer and cofounder of Guidepoint Systems in Fort Worth. Guidepoint integrates advanced GPS and wireless technology to provide stolen vehicle recovery.

Tom brings tremendous open source insight to a prominent Microsoft partner, along with the business savvy of partnering with the world’s leading automotive and telecom firms, across thousands of new car dealerships and specialty retailers.

Ingram Logo

Lee Synnott

Lee Synnott is former CEO and chairman of the board of Ingram Content Group in Nashville. Ingram Content Group is the world's largest and most trusted distributor of content to over 38,000 retailers, libraries, schools, and distribution partners in 195 countries.

Lee gives us unique financial understanding and operational background as CXO of several large organizations over a vast business career.

Pro Group Logo

Steve Synnott

Steve Synnott is the CEO of Pro Group in Denver, an international merchandising and marketing consortium for distributor and retail vendors. Pro Group represents more than $3 billion in annual buying power and has established a distinctive footprint in several industries.

Steve provides a wealth of forward-thinking marketing and operating ideas and is focal in strategies to help clients successfully meet the competitive challenges of the marketplace.


Our philosophy on customer service is treating people with courtesy and respect, sharing specialized expertise, and no surprises on cost or deliverables. These are ten things we know to be true:

  1. Niche focus provides a better customer experience. Financial and professional service organizations have dramatically different business needs. Our focus solely on these industry sectors allows us to understand their specific requirements and continuously strive for the best experience possible in delivering technology services.
  2. Specialization ensures competence. We only do managed services using Microsoft cloud and cybersecurity specializations. Technology is both the broadest and fastest changing industry versus all others. It is simply not possible to understand or offer a "one-stop shop" for every technology service and product.
  3. Transparency allows fast decisions. The more content we provide, the faster you can learn new concepts and decide what is relevant. By providing guidance and technique, we show our expertise and empower you.
  4. Methodology always beats random. When a staff learns and follows the same procedures with on-going process improvement, quality is higher and more consistent than independent individuals using their own methods.
  5. Accessibility is the answer. People need secure access to their information wherever they are, so physical facilities are irrelevant and protecting personal devices is paramount.
  6. Pure motives result in superior outcomes. Since no one is compensated for billable hours or the sale of product, solutions have practical business justification without profit motive.
  7. Information only grows. We're always looking into new ways to protect data and expand usage capabilities with nominal business disruption.
  8. Clouds cross all borders. Although located in Oklahoma, customers around the nation yearn for competitive advantage and experienced cloud computing knowledge is limited.
  9. Accountability is rewarding. We put great value in our employees with diverse backgrounds and disciplined approaches to improve competitive advantage.
  10. Great isn't good enough. Through innovation and iteration, we aim to take things that work well and improve upon them in unexpected ways.

Frequent Questions

How long has Matrixforce been in business?

Matrixforce is a C Corporation, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and established in 1978.

What does Matrixforce do?

We provide vetted IT support for streamlining technology using the Delta Method to reduce complexity and avoid risk. Matrixforce does not implement accounting packages or provide application development.

Does Matrixforce sell products?

Yes on a limited basis for a few select manufactures. However, since our staff are not compensated on the sale of product, we provide a solution that fits need. Matrixforce does not perform cabling or provide phone systems.

Who are Matrixforce customers?

Matrixforce focuses on mid-sized ($5M or greater revenues or 25+ employee) financial and professional service firms including:

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Accounting and Consulting
  • Legal and Medical
  • Engineering and Architecture

Matrixforce does not support retail or consumers.

How does Matrixforce bill?

All services are flat cost and outcome based. We have no hourly rates. Products are invoiced with NET 30 terms.

What geography does Matrixforce serve?

Currently, 80% of customers are in Oklahoma with the remaining 20% national.

How is the Matrixforce approach different?

Most business leaders are just trying to go the distance, but they have questionable IT support that just wants to sell products and bill hours. Our patent-pending process for vetted IT support helps you streamline your technology to improve competitive advantage and avoid willful neglect, with no one compensated by billable hours or product commissions.

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