Business leaders are responsible for the security of their data and can't simply guess about cyber risk.

Cyber Risk Application

Falsely answering Ramsomware Self Assessments (RSAT) may result in denied cyber insurance, civil and criminal charges of fraud or negligence, regulatory fines or suspension, and denied coverage for ransomware or other cyber-attacks.

We analyze your network, meet with you to review results, and give simple steps to protect yourself.

SPECIAL OFFER on Advanced Overwatch Cybersecurity available by request.

Our cyberists are on a mission to Help 1 Million People:

  • Cybersecurity is the responsibility of everyone, especially business leaders.
  • Reciprocal Non-Disclosure Agreement (RNDA) provided to protect confidentiality.
  • Your IT Support cannot audit their own work.
  • No adninistrative credentials are needed.
  • No software is installed.
  • Know for sure that you answered cyber risk correctly.

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