What Leaders of Financial and Professional Service Firms Must Know About Selecting a Reliable, Competent, and Accountable IT Service Provider.

IT Service Provider Advisory

Don't Trust Your Firm’s Vital Information and Operations to Just Anyone! This Business Advisory Guide Will Arm You With 21 Revealing Questions You Should Ask Any IT Service Provider Before Giving Them Access To Your Systems.

Choosing the wrong IT service provider to support your business can be devastating. Besides expensive downtime and potential data loss, technology issues are demoralizing to employees and reputation killers for customers!

SPECIAL OFFER for businesses with at least 25 staff or $5M in annual revenues.

Read this guide and you’ll discover:

  • The rarely disclosed “dark secret” of the technology industry that most people don’t know. (This tip ALONE could save you tons of money and untold aggravation.)
  • 21 revealing questions that will help you instantly spot an unqualified and misguided service provider or “consultant” in minutes.
  • 4 costly myths most company owners and management teams need to understand about service providers BEFORE even picking up the phone.
  • 5 major mistakes to avoid when choosing a managed service provider.
  • Why “hourly” or “all-inclusive” options are not the bargains some may claim.
  • The one undeniable sign that you should run – not walk – away from a computer support firm.

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