How to Recognize Trusted Advisor IT Support and Avoid Deceptive Sales Pitches.

Definitive Trusted Advisor Guide

Learn Why Your Instincts Are Right and How to Immediately Spot Untrustworthy IT Support Using This Trusted Advisor Guide.

Selecting unvetted IT support is a top reason for significant business loss and even bankruptcy. Whether we do busines or not, you'll find this report invaluable.

SPECIAL OFFER for financial and professional service firms with greater than 25 employees or $5M in revenues

Read this guide and you’ll discover:

  • The primary trusted advisor requirement that most IT support firms cannot meet (and don't want you to know).
  • 12 gimmicks used to fool you into believing a service provider or "consultant" is competent.
  • 5 authorities where you can verify trusted advisor status for a technology vendor BEFORE even picking up the phone.
  • Regulation compliance hoax often perpetuated by many datacenters and managed IT service providers.
  • 4 treacherous claims told to business owners simply to sell technology products and services.
  • Communication security breaches that are huge warning signs of negligent cyber vendors.
  • The most dangerous and costly mistake routinely made when evaluating a computer support firm.

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