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Delta Methodology

Reduce your risk and select a provider with proven results not motivated by product sales or billable hours.

Unique Offerings

Streamline technology infrastructure and improve business operations.

IT Services

Product Independent

We match solutions with need and no one is compensated for product sales.

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Key Features

Our proprietary methodology, Delta®, is a major differentiator between Matrixforce and competitors. Delta® is as much a philosophy as it is processes, procedures, and systems - utilized and refined in over 3,500 projects. The following attributes have been the keys to our success and more importantly client satisfaction:

  • Evaluate need: What are you trying to do? Needs define the business goals, which dictate the hardware and software.
  • Identify Requirements: Now more than ever, it's important to know features and follow the required manufacturer rules as to not void warranties or stray into unsupported or unfeasible situations.
  • Know boundaries: We're not all things to all people. For instance, we specialize in assisting medium-sized businesses and we don't support consumers or retail customers. Similarly, we do not provide cabling, phone systems, accounting implementation, or application development.
  • Avoid risk: Protection of client data is paramount and adequate steps must be taken and anticipated for possible problems.
  • Set expectations: Potential pain points and any limitations are discussed upfront.
  • Follow process: Evaluate and educate, present a plan and document configuration, implement per the plan approval, and provide ongoing monitoring and case management support using standard operating procedures and best practices.
  • Courteous always: Strict client rules of engagement are followed and it is understood that technology problems are stressful and disruptive.
  • Liberate clients: Rather than trying to capture a client, we provide guidance, technique, and documentation on all technology offerings.
  • Educate users: If we teach simple resolutions and provide ready access to answers, you are self-reliant and there is less business disruption for all.
  • Remain vigilant: Clients depend upon on us to maintain technology, keep up with new trends, and report good and bad news.


  • Developed in 1989
  • Different motivation
  • Outcome based
  • Process driven
  • Risk adverse
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Over 3,500 projects