Streamlining Technology

Streamlining Technology

Reduce complexity and avoid risk for less to buy, manage, and protect.

Competitive Advantage Playbook

Streamlining technology® is our mission for clients to reduce complexity and avoid risk – unlike competitors that tout the vague and disingenuous “let us take care of the technology so you can focus on your business”.

Better Motivation

Driven by sheer greed, the goal of most managed IT services firms is simply to bill more hours and upsell more products. Our approach is streamlining technology to reduce complexity and avoid risk with no one compensated for billable hours or product commissions.

In everything we do, we believe the “normal” approach to business and technology is horribly flawed and a terrible experience for everyone – so we often do opposite. By continually focusing on improving our skills using the patent-pending Delta Method, we provide consideration and justification for client needs – rather than obligatory cost of doing business or obscure notion of convenience.

Nothing in business is actually what it seems, so you have to tell customers your motivation while being brutally transparent and demonstrating value - especially for competitive advantage. -Kevin Fream

Competitive Advantage

Streamlining technology is a sustainable strategy over the normal cost of doing business approach toward information technology. Less to buy, manage, and protect means lower investment and reduced overall business risk. While the competition continues to invest in more infrastructure, you can prepare and quickly respond to new opportunities or challenges as a superior choice for customers.

Less Investment

Using cloud computing and cybersecurity, hardware and software for most networks can be reduced by half. A 5-year cost comparison versus legacy on-premises approach shows that streamlining technology is a minimum of 30% savings and increases over time. IT support is also reduced by 60% for server maintenance and upgrades.

Lower Attack Plane

By moving away from centralized technology infrastructure, there is less software to update and fewer ports or means to access the network. Critical data and systems like e-mail and accounting may be distributed to multiple cloud services to prevent catastrophic failure of all systems from a facility outage or complete data breach from a trusted insider.

Proven Approach

The patent-pending Delta Method has been utilized in over 5,000 successful cloud, cybersecurity, and advanced infrastructure projects. This award-winning approach to vetted managed IT services has been presented at Harvard, NASDAQ, and Microsoft.

Unique Value

Reduce complexity and avoid risk as competitive advantage using vetted IT support.

Streamline Your Technology

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